My Regrets

I stare at this blank piece of paper pondering on something to write
My heart is heavy on the verge of bursting into shatters
My eyes heavy as a condensed cloud
Inevitably Its gonna rain
And my hands would scribble
Scribble about my state of mind
Scribble down my regrets

It was just like yesterday,a day like every other day
My white seed wandered amidst several black ones
My days of strife and struggle
A struggle to stay pristine and pure
But like a polaroid I got polarized
Like a nut in a pepper mix I got blended
And like an adapter I adapted
Adapted to the evil atrocities perpetuated in this life of sin
Blended with the dark side
And got polarized by the evil rod

I write this out of total remorse,
My regrets
I write this because of my mother
Who I own my existence to
I write this because of my friends
Those who’ve stood by me
I write this because of my love
The only one I truly love in the whole wide world
I write this because of my dreams
My ambition-That I work towards every day
I’m not tipsy,I’m perfectly sane

I’ve disappointed myself,my family,those that believe in me
I’ve disappointed all that I stand for
At this point,I may make one request from heaven;
Take my soul
Take it,if that’s what’ll save me from all this endless sins I commit and from this evil torment
Take my soul lord,take it and let me rest in your heavenly blossom
But if I still have a purpose on earth,Pls forgive me. Forgive my sins and bury my regrets.
And to every other person,I must say I’m sorry.

This are my regrets
My pain,my burning tears
How I wish I could cleanse my heart from this guilt
But I lost it. Take me back lord
Take me

I don’t want to be a ‘sure boy’
I don’t want to be influenced by peer pressure
I don’t want to live life on the fast lane
The bottles would never rain on me
And the ass shall not twerk on me
Responsibility is one thing I promise my generations

This might be the last I ever write
The very last you’ll might read from your favorite writer
The last that’ll ever be from this promising soul
But if you ever see me tomorrow,
Give thanks to God the Almighty

As I lay by my bed side to sleep,
Surely the angels and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life
And I shall dwell in the house lord
Forever and ever

This is a poem. One for the sad man.
Bless my soul.

TBN Interviews meets Karat Kid

TBN! Interviews

Dexterous and simply amazing are the right words to descibe the teen sensation Karat Kid. With a blend of diverse genres of music with party/dance tracks as an area of specialty,this OJB Jazreel schooled teenager might be the new Wizkid on the block and Just recently added an Honda Element to his fleet of cars. So much for the 17 year old (now 18) you’ll agree with me. TBN Interviews had a time out with him. You wanna read.

Its really nice hooking up with you. So, Who exactly is Karat Kid?

Hey everyone. My real names are idris oladimeji oshingbade. Fun, loving and a hardworking person.

What exactly inspired that name?

Karat means the measurement of Gold kid means a young boy Karatkid jus tells u the boy is worth a lot

Can you briefly tell us about your childhood background?

My mum and dad are seperated I grew up with my mum. I’m d 1st born outta 3children. 🙂

Most of the big names in the entertainment industry dropped out of school at some point in their lives. Are you also treading this path?

Lol noo! Everyone has a reason for nt being in school..

Are you in school? Which school exactly is that?


I read somewhere that you are a teenager. The main reason why I guess you call yourself ‘the teen sensation’. Please confirm this with your exact age.

I’m 17 steppin on. 18 yup yup

Music! How did it all start?

I was always a fan of music. I loved to compose and come up with a unique style Since I ws younger buh wen I finished secondary school I took it serious

How has it been easy for you combining your music career with education?

I mean I just started my diploma degree in unilag. I hope it goes smoothly tho I go for shows almost everyday. My yansh doesn’t sit at one place

Your style of music is somewhat unique. How do you describe this genre of music?

I should let the people supporting me decide that one

How do you get inspired to make music?

My mood! Everything around me can be used for something creative at any point in time

What record label are you currently signed to?

Jrecordings and Dandora

How many tracks do you have to your credit?

Over 20 tracks

When should we be expecting an album from you?

Hmmn! lol let’s just leave God to decide that

I’ll like to know what you are up to behind the camera’s at the moment?

Cooking up a new single

Can you let us in a little on your relationship with O.J.B jazreel?

His like a father To me.. He married my aunty. And since I started my career last year he has always been a part of it

Has your age been a limitation to your music career?

Lol sometimes I’m not allowed to say somethings because I’m quite young

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Performing at calabar festival last year and also being on ovation Red Carol last year

Can you mention a few top-notch showbiz personalities you have had the opportunity to work with?

Lol omo long tin. God dey

Can you tell me your biggest stage performance platform?

I think it ws at calabar festival last year. Coz I was performing at a stadium and ova 10,000 ppl came der

Who are those you look up to?

Everyone making music

You have a lot of Female fans,I hope you know that? Are you single or still open?

I’m single thanks

Lool. Okay what has been your most embarrassing moment?

Lol, it was embarrassing sha

Dressing. Do you dress to impress or do you just keep it simple like that?

Me I have plenty shakara oh!

Final note
In the next 10 years what should we expect from you.

In Jesus name something BiG

A final word for the youths!

Stay focused,don’t let girls distract you. Keep working hard to be successfull in the nearest future

Thank you very much for granting this interview. God willing this time next year the name Karat Kid would be an house hold name. You can download some of his music and watch some of his videos below. Support good music and Be Korrect.

Download Dance By Karat Kid

Download Wabamijo ft Ugly comes up tomorrow

From a novice

Sight of kisses, romance, affection- it all repulses me!
No one likes the sight of something they cannot have. I would never in life claim to be a relationship expert.
In fact, I would probably say come to me as a last resort. I can give advice to the friends,the third wheels and those who aren’t content with being single.

Freshman year of high school I never wanted a relationship. My relationship with my ex-girlfriend, whose name should never be said ever again in life,was the forcefulness of another friend. That’s where everything went wrong.

Never take relationship advice from a friend who has yet to be in a relationship. As someone who has been single-ish (Don’t inquire too much into what this means) for almost two whole years I make an effort not to counsel my friends.

Through awkward moments involving love triangles,awkward confrontations,
being the third wheel wing man in the middle of a hookup all you can do is
listen to your friends. I dare not TRY to get involved. Friends are around to give their support, listen and advice. Any friend who forces their self into the realm of a relationship is expressing their need
to be in a relationship for them self.

Any friend in a relationship that drags you to their dates, phone calls and
text messages needs to figure out who they really want- a friend or a
boyfriend. Any guy who does this is just pathetic.

Remember that ex-girlfriend I mentioned earlier? I do.
I remember every dreadful minute of that relationship, her best friend too. After the first three-way call with her best friend I started to question who I was really dating.
I was so generous I even once bought her best friend a ticket to our school’s winter formal. If being around a third wheel wasn’t awkward enough. Third wheels should not enjoy themselves.

That third wheel just needs a fourth wheel or be content with single-ville.
There’s nothing wrong with single life. Either choice is fine. Everyone
single isn’t the stereotypical lonely person getting their sights up for
every girl/ boy that may like them.
That’s just desperate.

Wait, I’m not sure if I described
myself or not. I’ll save that portion for another editorial. For now, I’ll just listen to a little Miguel and try and text my ex.


– Lonnie.M.Anderson indulges in information whether through art or culture. Being well-rounded is
his priority because it allows him to keep an open mind. He has worked as
Managing Copy Editor for The King’s Page, Rufus King High School’s award
winning newspaper in Wisconsin. He has also received the opportunity to speak
with different leaders from across the The United State including college professors,
veterans, legislators,Jesse Jackson and many other people who has held biases.

Over time he has developed
an interest in a variety of topics such as United States’ international
relations amongst others. He is happy to be a contributor to TheBoilerNation.

TBN Interviews meets with The Teen Sensation Karat Kid tomorrow. Don’t miss it

Christmas in mushin

Quite Very Random

Its Christmas season again mortals and I Bigboiler the Awesome I’ve got a story for you. A real bizzaro I wrote last year. Only had to touch it up a little to make rock. You wanna read and leave a comment. Delve in and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE.

Seun is my roomie and my all weather friend. We are both medical students residing in a one room apartment located on cardosso street,the bastion & acropolis of Mushin olosa; the mushine city.

Still on our christmas holiday and unlike our other mates who had gone home to spend the break with their family,we decided to stay back to prepare for our professional exam scheduled for January.

Unusually this time,the surly wind -which was already gaining ferocity into an hurricane- of ‘Owu’ was blowing brutally in our apartment as we had no money nor foodstuff to hold through. As a matter of fact the invocation of the almighty G3 formular (Garri X3) was our only option of safe cover.

On this faithful day,Seun’s long time acquaintance Shade called in to inform us of her visit later in the evening. Shade is that kind of girl you wanna spend your last penny on; with a well tearned politess,beauty of a goddess,serenading accent just to mention a few. Seun is my sidekick -and we were both broke-which made it more imperative for me to stay with him after all the imaginary castles He had built in her head, we have always been together through the thicks and thins of life as far as I can remember and I just can’t back out now. Shade had to be impressed,we had no money. What could be done?

Although,Our pair is like that of Micheal Schofield and Lincoln burrow because we have found our way through even more difficult and threatening situations and this would not be an exception.

We sat facing each other like footballers in their dressing room waiting to be called on to the pitch. The aura that graced the room was a tad bit pansen. Seun’s countenance spelt anxiety to the letter Y while I was calm but the room was silent,silent like a morgue.

It was as though God could read our fright and was quick to grant a riposte to silent yet calamant and vigorous invocation because After several minutes of thinking and stratagem,just like magic;

‘we heard the crow of a fowl’
right before our door.

We couldn’t afford the time to think out this divine interposition for another second. The temperature was boiling and almost cooking,flakes of snow are here. A real heed to mayday.

With the haste and alacrity that comes with orgasm,we devised a plan to apprehend the fowl in a Schofield meets The 007 approach.

We heard from a street boy who had received a shandy (20 naira) kick-back that the fowl belonged to some military man that lived down the street. Well,we didn’t care á fortiori we had our eyes on his fowl and organizing maize for a bait was not a problem at all,dropping it in bits all the way to a stake where our hands were patiently waiting to grab it at first sight and espy too was not.

As expected,the anelka -as birds are fondly called- did fall into our limb extension-flexion trap and was immediately strapped into a backpack,straight to our apartment.

The chores were fragmented immediately and I was to boil the water to be used in pruning the fowl as well as getting the ingredients needed from the market. On the contrary,Seun due to his prowess in the anatomy dissection class was to do the slaughtering. He carried that out at the compound and then headed back to the room to see if the water had started to boil while I was away to the market.

Well,ten minutes had elapsed before we returned outside to dis member our miraculous christmas gift from santa infact my adams apple were already drooping rhythmically,my taste buds swimming in my saliva equivocally.
We got outside only to meet the surprise of our lives.

Yes, surprise!,surprise!!

The fowl was all gone and all that was left were traces of blood that must have dripped from its neck along its track back to its owner’s house.


*inserts that nollywood tone*

The mist of harmattan was now smelling trouble,my hands became unusually cold and were vibrating rhythmically,the blood of panic circulated through my cardiovascular system as we both ran back into our apartment out of confusion.

In that state of addle and stupour due to fear we both stared at each other and later started to pass the baton of blames till we heard a hard knock on our one hinge intact door





Now,my heart was beating faster than I could control -Shit,I don’t even have control over it- I was in a state of dyspnea, probably the owner of the fowls had discovered our apartment by trailing the blood drops. Now, my eyes were dilated like the full lights of a 1970 model volkswagen beetle,shimmering and winking successively like a blaring siren.

The door bang was fiercer this time and was accompanied by a treat from a strong baritone voice saying;

‘you had better open this door now or else…’

Tears were far from my eyes,I felt like melting into the ground as I gazed at Seun who was already sweating profusely and had started to release something that looked like pee on his trouser,flatulence that had no traceable origin graced the air,my innards on the verge of erupting,adrenaline was already prompting me to fly,flutter away like superman.

And then disaster struck,
And then the door was eventually forced open,
And then a dark scrowling 7 feet 12 inches tall bloke with an inflamed yet broad chest appeared,stretched his long hands towards my neck

and then….

I fainted.



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Gallery 1.8


We apologize for now coming last week. We are here again with our awesomeness. Gallery 1.8 is what we are unleashing.







All Pictures are copyrights of Clement Ogohof


This Month (December 2012)

What’s awesome mortals of the Nation?

We are now in that month that wraps up the other month of the year. Un hun. TBN would officially be two months old. Whoopy!


Two months and we’ve left all of them. Yes yo, That’s the shit I’m talking about yo! You know wham saying!?

Awesomeness bitch Awesomeness.

So yeah, We in the first week in December yeah and aye! your darling blog is here to unleash the packages we have tight in stock for you. So sit back,relax and read (let’s tinkle your fancy a little,we’ll slay it live as always trust me).

K! Leggo!

Before I proceed I’ll like to apologize for our inaccesibility since friday,it was due to circumstances we had less control over. Now,we are on a server that accepts as much visits and shii. So yeah,more fun and I assure you it won’t repeat itself.

With that said,on to the next one.

Making the headlines this month on TBN is our addition of two new writers to our team. You know,TheTBN crew is that awesome one that spawns awesomeness! With our awesome web on this web. You know how it is yeah?!

Without any further elongations anyway, let’s get them introduced.

Malik Anderson: Writing in all the way from New York city. A consultant editor,poet,a relationship expert and a versatile writer. His prowess and professionalism would be unleashed without leash as He’ll be fueling a relationship category.

Doyin Junaid (@NapCityChick): our newest contributor holding it down in The Fad Fashion. She’ll be the assisting Fashion coach,getting you all dressed and shii. She’s a writer of international repute and with several years of experience below her belt.

With the addition of two amazingly awesome writers,We would be launching a new segment to come your way on second weekends of the month alongside our only Ibukun’s ‘Not Remotely Fiction’.

Relationship 101 propelled by the amazing Malik Anderson for the ladies.

Moving on, without further ado,nisi is the schedule of posts to be followed up on TBN! this month. Aller >>>

Quite Very Random

1st Weekend – Quite Very Random (Rant and Fiction) by Bigboiler.
* A story: Christmas In Mushin!!!

2nd Weekend – Not Remotely Fiction by Ibukun

Relationship 101

3rd Weekend – Live.Love.Pray by the duo of Ibukun and ms_hanie.
* Muslim Edition (Friday)
* Christain Edition (Sunday)

4th Weekend – The Fad by @Ms_hanie/@NapCityChick
* The Fad Fashion
* The Fad Play

. – Weekly
* Galleries 1.8 – 2.1

TBN! Interviews

TBN Interviews – fortnightly.
* Meeting with Teen sensation;Karat Kid
* Meeting with MTV (UK) VJ; Sheifunmi Yusuf.

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Make it a date with us as Bigboiler shares a story on Quite Very Random

Brother Wound

In the hearts where woes was able
where deceits and lies are laid
it is a situation which we found acceptable
when we cant differentiate the false and the truth

At the expenses of our gullible yet sensible brothers
we made wealth out of afoul
whether it hurts or not,we still made it
we trampled on their weakness,too bad no witness

They are our brothers,yet we let them suffer
after we loot them,we become agoraphobia
they knöw the truth,fear is the blockage
they are our brothers,yet we kept them hostage

when you lack,they contributed
when you gain they are found wanting
they become nothing when you have something
yet they are your brothers

as brothers nothing bind you except lies
because you have upper hands, he fled
not because he lose,it was fear
that you might destroy his temple

Let forget the difficulties of the truth
they are our brothers,they put us here
let us scratch each others back
let embrace brotherhood,and let drop the wound


The Fad Play (November 2012)

Aye! People.

Its Bigboiler again on this and today,we’ll be talking music. Yeah,I mean awesome music since that’s what we stand for; Awesomeness!

Its The Fad play yo!

This month has been quite colourful as far as music entertainment is concerned with Rihanna leading trends. Here’s a review of some of the dope albums that made the month.

Unapologetic – Rihanna

With 11 writing credits on this album, the most she’s had since Rated R and amazingly hitting her 12th US number
ones by the end of the month with Diamonds and 7 UK number ones to her credit riri definately has dropped a good shot at this. The ‘Shine right like a diamond crooner’ has managed to get everyone talking about her again.

She also has various artistes featured on the album. Future in ‘Loveeeeeee song’ and even david guetta. The Eminem collaboration is disappointing and the
fact he mentions their previous hit ‘Love the Way You Lie’ in his verse upsets me even more. It’s a weird song in general and Eminem’s part is even stranger
so I guess it fits. The only rhyme I like is “I’m the siren that you hear. I’m the butt police, and I’m looking at your rear, rear, rear.”

The album features productions from labrinth,David guetta amongst other.

We can’t take it away from her still ‘cos She slayed it live.
The fad play rates the album a 4 star.

Frenzy – D’Prince

Released on 5th November,2012 this 25 track album by the omoba as he fondly calls himself is just so amazing.

The album features tracks like Amina Ft. Dr Sid,Painting the Town Ft. Wizkid,No More Sleeping On ‘Em Ft. Wizkid again,Ife Ft. Tiwa Savage. Carry It Up Ft. Timaya. TORTOISE ft Wande Coal, Sinzu , General Pype , Eva & Ice Prince (a killer I must say) and a couple of other singles.

The Production crew was lead by Don Jazzy, Aonebeats of Maybach Music Group then Josh Beats,Spells,BabyFresh and AltimsBeats.

The album saw d’prince express himself in many ways than one as he was found rapping,singing and all. The Fad play rates it a 3.5 star.

YBNL – Olamide

YBNL meaning Yahoo Boy No Laptop is 20 track album by the yoruba hardcore rapper and sometimes singer Olamide.

The album features tracks like Remember feat. Kay Switch,Street Love feat. Minus 2,Panumo ft. HKN gang fore runner Davido,Fuji House feat. Dammy Krane,Industreet (Cypher) feat. Reminisce & Base1 amongst others.

The tracks were produced by Pheelz,Id cabasa, Tryone and 2Kriss.

The Fad Play rates the album a 3.5 stars.

Now to the 8 Fad Tracks that rocked the month.

1. Wale – Freedom of speech

2. J.Cole – Miss America

3. Olamide Ft Tiwa Savage – International,Local.

4. Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill my Vibe

5. Rihanna ft. Future – Love Song

6. Labrinth – Beneath Your Beautiful (feat. Emeli Sande)

7. Trouble Maker – Olly Murs

8. D’banj – Bachelor

That would be the bit we have for you this month. Support good music,purchase good music. Keep playing! Its been a Fad weekend.

November Trends

Hello fashion lovers…

I’m highly exited to finally have you reading this. Yeah! Finally,The Fad fashion premiers. I’m Haneefah (@ms_hanie on twitter) and I would be your dress coach from now on. Come along,let’s get you dressed. Its The Fad 🙂

Basically,in this category we would talking trends,I mean trends in the fashion sphere. Who are you not to dress good? Are you a learner???

Yeah! As we all know, the fall season is here again and in some regions of the world, Nigeria inclusive,the season has been characterised with an expected change of seasons, colours,weather and all.

Fall colours are actually of choice at times like this. They are usually inspired by nature. You know Burgundy,nudes, browns,jewel tones and all that.


Well, It might interest you to know that the ‘burgundy’ is the new black and also on the brighter side of the fall’s trends are orange, purple, green,hues.
Dark green is not a bad attempt for the blokes too.

Moving away from the Fall colours there are some other absolutely fabulous trends going on at the moment.
You know, The peplums, motif
sweaters, tartans,animal prints amongst others. Take a peek below.


animal prints

Motif sweaters

Leather has come stay. I mean its hard to contest that as it keeps making its appearance in the fashion world. There’s hardly nothing the animal skin has not been made into; leather bags,leather skirts,jackets,shoes. Boy,the list is endless. You just should be picking one up this holiday. The Fashion coach say so!

*puffs up*

Leather Skirt and Jacket

The accessories aren’t to be left out too as tribal necklaces are cropping up real fast. I mean ladies are going all bold and chunky below the head this days. Cocktail rings with precious stones are here to stay mehn see below.

Cocktail rings

Now,let me teach you how to wear Peplums. Yup! A lil tutorial for my divas.

Peplums are one of my favorite pieces you know maybe its because of how they accentuate the waist or something. But without further ado here are some tips on how to style a peplum.

1. Choose a peplum that will flatter your body figure, its always good if your
peplum starts from the natural waist line.
You can pair peplums with skirts or trousers.

2. When pairing with skirts,
make sure you are wearing a pencil skirt or a midi and for trousers, a free
pant would do. Let’s just hold it at that,we’ll revisit it some other time.


You can’t underestimate the power of our very own african prints (I mean the ankara and all) there’s almost about nothing they’ve not been made into is it their accessories,jackets,blazers just name it. The ankara is that handy. Designers don’t play with it and sure as hell,they’ve been able to chug dope stuffs out of it.

Ankara bags from hesey collections

Now,our brothers on here would be wondering why we are leaving them out. Uhm. Ladies first before the gents


On to some male shoes now.
For that corporate and classy look most men aspire,the penny loafer shoe is just the perfect choice. It completes what co-orperate dressing is meant to be. It comes in different colours commonly black and brown. Don’t be surprised you’d be getting that contract by just rocking a penny loafer shoe.

Hardly would you find a guy this days whose wardrobe doesn’t posses a denim jacket. Even celebrities are not left out in this rave as they go perfectly on round neck tees and at times on shirts,it all depends on your sense of combination. Even our LOCal designers have been able affix local prints on them to produce a more awesome output. You should be ordering one soon.

I hope I and bigboiler have been able to quench your fashion thirst a tad bit. Go ahead leave that comment,let’s have a chat. Till we meet again next month,its has been meet.

Sincerely yours,Fashion Coach!




BlinkupGH and ProconceptGH present the very first
orphans talent show in
A charity show dubbed “BLINKUP ORPHANS

The show is a talent competition between the kids in
orphanage homes in

Blinkup Orphans Talent Show is an
opportunity for orphans to show
the world what they can do. This show delves deep
into the complex groove
of kids in ghana. BOTS will be the PLATFORM OF HOPE
for the kids in the

The talent category includes:
– Dancing
– Singing
– Acting
– Artwork/painting
Pre event day: campaign against cild labour

Date: jan26th, 2013

Venue: osu children’s home


please contact
Tel no: +233549931948
Twitter: @blinkupglobal

Proudly Supported by TheBoilerNation