My Regrets

I stare at this blank piece of paper pondering on something to write
My heart is heavy on the verge of bursting into shatters
My eyes heavy as a condensed cloud
Inevitably Its gonna rain
And my hands would scribble
Scribble about my state of mind
Scribble down my regrets

It was just like yesterday,a day like every other day
My white seed wandered amidst several black ones
My days of strife and struggle
A struggle to stay pristine and pure
But like a polaroid I got polarized
Like a nut in a pepper mix I got blended
And like an adapter I adapted
Adapted to the evil atrocities perpetuated in this life of sin
Blended with the dark side
And got polarized by the evil rod

I write this out of total remorse,
My regrets
I write this because of my mother
Who I own my existence to
I write this because of my friends
Those who’ve stood by me
I write this because of my love
The only one I truly love in the whole wide world
I write this because of my dreams
My ambition-That I work towards every day
I’m not tipsy,I’m perfectly sane

I’ve disappointed myself,my family,those that believe in me
I’ve disappointed all that I stand for
At this point,I may make one request from heaven;
Take my soul
Take it,if that’s what’ll save me from all this endless sins I commit and from this evil torment
Take my soul lord,take it and let me rest in your heavenly blossom
But if I still have a purpose on earth,Pls forgive me. Forgive my sins and bury my regrets.
And to every other person,I must say I’m sorry.

This are my regrets
My pain,my burning tears
How I wish I could cleanse my heart from this guilt
But I lost it. Take me back lord
Take me

I don’t want to be a ‘sure boy’
I don’t want to be influenced by peer pressure
I don’t want to live life on the fast lane
The bottles would never rain on me
And the ass shall not twerk on me
Responsibility is one thing I promise my generations

This might be the last I ever write
The very last you’ll might read from your favorite writer
The last that’ll ever be from this promising soul
But if you ever see me tomorrow,
Give thanks to God the Almighty

As I lay by my bed side to sleep,
Surely the angels and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life
And I shall dwell in the house lord
Forever and ever

This is a poem. One for the sad man.
Bless my soul.


a love poem.

I wrote this poem for a very good frien and just wanted to share it on here. I hope you enjoy it. Btw,pls follow aticles on my website TheBoilerNation. Follow and comment there. #bless.

Your glittering hair
And you succulent hands,gentle to touch
Your ever smiling face
With lips soft,Red and ready for a kiss
Lips that utter words so divine
Those feline eyes that bear telecasts of love
All balanced upon those lovely legs that throw out calculated foot steps
You are nothing but a priceless work of art.

You have always been my companion through the thicks and thins
My rejuvenator when I was short of inspiration
And my motivator when I was down and out
I can only pray that the glowing splint of our love shall never extinguish.

Like the beat to the heart,you make my heartbeat
The pupil to the eye,you are the apple of my eye
Like the stars to the night cloud,you light up my world
You are the sun to my day and the moon to my nights
You are just about everything I ever crave for and I’m glad you made me your significant other.

Sweetheart,it might interest you to know that;
I’ve lost interest in studying math,economics or history
All I’m interested in is solving equations to your mystery
Your awesomeness,politess and absolute completeness,ceaselessly send me drifting to nirvana
Of all the girls,you are the only one I wanna honor

Now,that cupid has finally fired you into my hands like the petals of a rose
I can only pray that our love withstands the test of time
Diminish doubts and soar high on the pedestal of trust

You have made me your king of hearts and You’ll forever be my queen of spades
I love you to tiny,tweeny,sandy bits




To the best mom in the world.

My mother, my therpist and my hero

You raised me up and took me in

You were my mom in the begining

and you will be my mom in the end

You been my mother all my life

so to let someone come in just

because of their tittle is not right

You have this tittle because you earned it

and even though I was a hand full you never quit

Mom you did it so here you are

and in my heart you will always be a star

you save my life you are my superman

and no matter what GOD has a plan

buppy roads my seem like mountains

pain may come with teary fountains

no matter what happens i will be your daughter

and when i walk acoss that stage u can say I taught her

and even if all you see is the dark night

its okay because we walk by faith and not be sight

forget alstate we are in the lords hands

people will come an go but in you let them find a leader

after all you are taught by the best

yep with GOD being your teacher

you will be able to ace anything like a test

you are the reason that I am determine

I will come home even if i have to fight head on with a demen

The devil has no place in this play to get home

even though he tempts to make me feel along

and to go into depression and feel that I dont belong

this musical was not made to sing sad songs

this is not new orleans so no need for the blues

mom you are a winner because with GOD we cant lose

llisten mom I have grreat news

GOD is our gps so no wrong turns will be made

since were going forward our past will fade

Mom just to know were in this together

even with storms sunny will be my weather

and when you think people want to get in your way

know that this is the time to pray

people will try to get in our skin

so lets pray again so there wont be any sin

with GOD the impossble is possble

and dont forget he only has the last say

let people do what they do best

because in the end it will determine where they will rest

with jesus on your right and holy spirt on our left GOD got our back

so we dont need no one else

so with these words I will conclude

I have alot more to say

but I will save that for another day

with these words I wanna says thanks

for you are my mother

Augmented biped

Todays post Is coming from a brother from another mother @slowslug. Its a poem. Enjoy!

Early men made it to hunt
modern men made is to hunt
for food was the early men’s aim
modern men made it to maim

Early men wants to survive
modern men wants to deprive
their neighbours of their life
and maybe take their brother’s wife

Early men used it to make meal
modern men used it to kill
can i say that early men are more sensible
and say modern men are despicable?

Early men were crude
modern men are rude
but claim they’re advanced with technology
but early men were stronger and had energy

Early men are gone
modern men, its themselves they gun

Lets cub this lewd act with no delay
so we can have a better day

The bawse

*rozay grunt*

Yo mortals,
Its day four of my 30 day post a day challenge. Its no longer news that my nigga Rozay (Rick Ross) is in town for the St.Eve’s magazine summer jam fest. So,lo and behold I present to you my ‘top 5 tracks by rick ross’.

You see,I’m not a big fan of hip-hop but I kainda like the style of that nigga,the big bawse himself. He’ll be steady balling on his lines and shii. So much swegg attached as well. Without doubts evidently,he has saved the whole rap game.

Grab a sit,relax and calm your titties down then read. Gracias!

1. Rich forever
The bawse killed this one along side john legend. Its a mad track I tell ya.

2. John
Lil wayne featured him on this one. The track was dedicated to John lennon of the beatles. Well,you know what to expect on a track that’s parades two kings. #bliss!

3. Freemason
‘I go to the grave before I be a bitch nigga’. Rozay did the chorus to this song alongs side my main man jay (Jay Z) and John legend. One of the dopest rap songs ever made. I’ma JFK with u rozay. Join Forces with the king and we’ll eat all day.

4. B.M.F (Blow Money Fast)
Well,dude would be blowing money fast yet he is yet to make it into the top 10 richest artist on forbes. What is he thinking? Well,the track was killed and that’s what counts. Track features styles P.

5. Beautiful (onyinye) remix.
P square made history by featuring the big fat nigga on their love song ‘beautiful (onyinye)’. To me its one of the best love songs I ever heard in long while. Once again,nigga never disappointed.

That’s it readers,my top 5 songs by the maybach music C.E.O,the big black dude himself. I hope he has a nice stay in Nigeria.

I sign out with another rozay grunt *HuuuuuuuNnnnnnnHH!*

Day 4 – checked!



Bless that nigga who wrote the saying ‘No place like home’.

So you never heard it yet? Oh Really!!!?

Hehe! Well,homeboy would be gaining some form of emancipation from this glorified prison yard called a school.

#moving on

“Cheers to the freaking weekend,have a drink to that”.

Well,Its another friday. The begining of yet another weekend. A unique one for that matter in that it is a ‘yummy-laden-biweekend’.

Hol’ up dude. What’s a ‘yummy-laden-biweekend’?
First,a ‘biweekend’ is a weekend,one like no other that is made up of four non-working days unlike the conventional saturday and sunday holidays we know,this one has not only saturday and sunday but monday and tuesday. Public holiday,I see you!

Now,the yummy? Y’all know that shii? If you don’t, you evidently just fucked a dumb punani with your brains. Fuckterd!

So-there-for,a ‘yummy-laden-biweekend’ is a weekend,one like no other that is made up of four non-working days with so much to munch on. Meat! I mean loadsa meat.

On to the next one,now you know why we are here. Why there is so much smile in the face of all eight-to-fiver’s. Yes,an holiday that offers so much to eat and drink from.

Bless we muslims yo! We rock everyday,any day,all day. Don’t test us.

After the whole 30day Ramadan fast,we finally free our tongue that has been behind the bars of our dirtyrotten teeth.*smells air* bad breath. Well that’s an issue for another day. What you should know is homeboy is now on break (as it seems like he’s going to run into a state of medical lethargy) from this whole medical school thingy.

The best set of people you’ll ever know are your family (after your GF evidently). Where do you find them? Home! So you see,no place in this wide,wild world can ever be like home. Most of all,that taste of home food. To those of y’all who don’t have a home or stay far from it or something. My condolences.

I’m done. Day3 – checked!

– Truce!

cosmic rays

Yesterday,I received this disturbing news via a BBM contact instructing me to keep away my phone due to some cosmic rays blah,blah,blabbity,blah.


The source of the Newsrumor was traced down to the BBC news service. I’m sure I’m not the only one who received this alert as it was all over my twitter time line and shii.
Well,I was actually skeptical towards the intactness of this news so I took to the Labs and I’m gladly going to share my findings;

First, Planet Mars can not emit harmful radiation because it is not a star. Cosmic rays are only emitted by stars. i.e bodies that are undergoing nuclear reactions, that is fusion (as occurs in our sun) or fission (as occurs in nuclear reactors). Mars is neither. It is a planet that just reflects sunlight. It cannot emit cosmic radiation.

Next, with regards to these rays the earth’s atmosphere is capable of taking care of them so no need to worry. The magnetosphere absorbs and protects us from the sun’s harmful radiation. Whatever remains is too feeble to affect any thing as far as earth.

The Earth’s magnetosphere prevents most of the particles from the Sun, carried in the solar wind, from hitting the Earth.

Fucking hell. fact is,we are actually hit by cosmic rays every day — all day (and night too). If it was going to hurt your body cells, then it would have already fried it into balls of akara by now.

You see,sometimes magnetic storms on the sun will fry the electronics of satellites in orbit, and may also blow out the power grid in high latitudes near the Earth’s magnetic poles, but other than static, I don’t see what it might do to your cell phones.

Roight! I hope I’ve been able to convince you rather not to confuse you that the whole cosmic ray thingy is all false and hereby rendered beguiling and superfluous. After all,no casualty has been reported so far.

Here are some of the lies nigga’s belch forth and you should be thankful for having scientists like mine to bail you out of your miseries.

Uhmm. Thank me later! Its always a pleasure.

Y’all mofo’s and douche bags making up false news should at least get a life. I wonder what you stand to gain tho. And to those of y’all who deal in spreading the word,ensure what you’re sending out is true.

Anyways,you’re going out,I’m going in. Yeah,I’m going in to do what I do every night. Tryna take over the world. Check back tomorrow.

Day 2 – checked!